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April 4, 2020

Hi I am Dave Levine (Host of the Sport Stories Podcast)

I am delighted that you have shown an interest in Sport Stories and hopefully will tune in and listen. 

I have worked in and around sport for over 25 years an have had the great privilege of speaking with, learning from and coaching many fantastic people involved in sport. I am also an executive coach and fortunate to work in education and commercial business helping and supporting teachers and leaders navigate the ups and downs of everyday work (and life!) 

I have come to see that sport can learn from business and business can also learn from sport. I have also realised and seen the benefit that sharing and telling our 'personal story' has on us as individuals, and those that listen to it.

The key purpose of the Sport Stories podcast is therefore to facilitate the sharing of my guests' sport stories to help, inspires and guide those that listen - YOU!



These stories are individual to them but nearly always provide some element of insight, inspiration and learning.

Who knows the one nugget you take may change your life or those you work with forever!!!

As you can hopefully tell, I really believe in the power of sport in helping individuals, team and communities. It has certainly played a huge part in my life - which at some stage I will share!!

My focus for the Sport Stories Podcast is therefore Parents, Teachers, Coaches and Leaders.

I hope to release at least one show every week (sometimes more!).

I am constantly learning so would value any thoughts of who you would like to hear from, as well as any feedback and encouragement you may have to make the shows even better!!!

Just so you know - the Sport Stories Podcast is part of some wider work I am doing under the banner of Sport Stories. I would really like to grow this work to impact positively on people and communities throughout the world through the vehicle of sport and the key positive principles and messages it can provide. Watch this space for more or get in touch!

Thanks again for engaging and please let me know the impact it has had on you!

Best wishes



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